All ingredients used in our preparations are always of the utmost freshness of the best quality and always and rigorously cooked on demand.

  • Only the best ingredients

    All our menus are prepared with the best ingredients coming from local growers and producers.

  • Exclusive Drinks

    Skycatering offers a new level of exclusive ‘water with a menu designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

  • Personalized Service

    All dishes are made with quality ingredients that can be found locally. We also offer customizations that no one else on the market can guarantee: menu boards, custom food design and decoration, ...

About Us

Skycatering has developed a high reputation throughout Europe for quality and the care dedicated to the preparation of all of our menus.


What our clients say about us

Catering Manager

“Cara Laura, Una mail veloce per dirti che nell’ultimo servizio di catering effettuato sei stata davvero impeccabile. Abbiamo ricevuto I complimenti, quindi grazie per la tua precisione e passione per quello che fai!”


“Dear Laura, what an amazing lunch we were able to serve to our passengers thanks to your formidable catering! Thank you very much for your efforts, passengers were super happy and so were we. Great Packaging too!!!!!!”

Flight Attendant

“Dear Laura, thank you and your team for the catering. It was delicious and our passengers gave us compliments for the quality and the presentation. You do really nice catering which is difficult to find in Italy!!!

Flight Attendant

“I just arrived home after my today’s flight from Venice and I wanted to thank you for your catering. It was a pleasure to work with you, the food was fresh and excellent, as well as the presentation. It is really important for me to trust ...

Call us to create personalized menu

We will be happy to answer all questions you might have and to design the perfect menu for your next flight.

TEL: +39 392 2668851

24 h 365 days


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